ZaReason Tablet

This really looks like the start of something I’ve been waiting for. I like keyboards. Real clickity-clackety keyboards. I don’t using laptops very much. But there are, often enough, times when I want connectivity without all the wires and, uhm, stuff.

This is an “open” tablet with a vanilla Android operating system (in all its fragmented glory) from ZaReason. It seems like it is mellow, functional and not bells-and-whistles. I enjoyed this review by Frank Bell.


From the ZaReason website:

Some manufacturers consider “root” to be a four-letter-word. We don’t. The ZaTab is an open device. The bootloader is unlocked. Root access is available. We welcome the community to develop custom ROMs and port other Linux distros to the ZaTab.

Writing a Chrome Extension for Blips

I signed up for a account at the end of 2012. I posted two “blips” then didn’t get back to it until the end of 2013 beginning of 2014.

In the meantime I’ve been learning more javascript and saw this as a good opportunity to try something a little more real than the typical “Hello World” and To-do list apps. Also, most of what I’ve written has also relied on php and mysql or flat file databases. Wanting to simplify a little and use new browser features like localStorage and sessionStorage I thought writing an extension for Chrome would be fun. So a few days ago I stepped into the Blipfoto api.

What I’ve got so far is a little popup window that will show you a set of recent blips from any user. You can enter your own blip display name in the Options window and then the select list in the main window will contain a list of your subscribers. You can choose which you’d like to see and the 12 most recent blips of their’s will load in the grid.

Right now it defaults back to your own blips (or whatever user you’ve entered into options) each time you click on it. I’m gonna get hit with a lot of other work until I leave town next week but when I get a chance I’m going to write the currently selected blipper into sessionStorage so it “remembers” what you were looking at last time you opened the images. I should probably cache those images too so it doesn’t have to hit the blipfoto servers each time you click the button. One thing at a time!

Here’s a screenshot of it in “action”.

Screenshot from 2014-01-08 22:58:25

A Chrome Blip Button

I spent the better part of today learning about the API and scripting the beginnings of a Chrome Browser extension to display blips.

Right now it requires changing the search query in the script but it GETs and displays the search results!


(and, yes. I only have three blips. I’m just getting warmed up!)